Enabling Australia's Net Zero Freight Industry

The NewVolt Network will deliver price certain, reliable energy through a national network of shared charging infrastructure, exclusively for the transport industry.

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Future Trust

Low Cost Electrons

From sun to wheel, we will leverage Australia's access to low cost renewable energy driving the most efficient freight delivery cost from A to B.

100% Renewable Energy

Our commitment to low cost renewable energy ensures a reduction in carbon emissions, guaranteeing operations that align to sustainability goals.

Energy Where It’s Needed

By positioning our charging hubs strategically & adjacent to high-traffic freight corridors, we guarantee accessibility and reduced downtime for your fleet.

Fuel Price Certainty

Through long term fixed-rate commercial charging solutions, we provide cost certainty that allows for better financial planning and budget management.

The NewVolt Network Timeline to an Electrified Freight Sector

Embark on a journey through time as we unveil our key milestones set to revolutionise Australia's logistic industry.

City Hub & Spoke
En Route / Highway
1 site


NewVolt kickstarts its mission with a robust plan to establish the foundational infrastructure for electric trucking.

The primary focus is to launch a our first charging hub in the strategic Melbourne inner west freight corridor, fostering a seamless transition for early adopters of electric trucking.

Collaborations with industry bodies, logistics operators, end buyers, and government authorities have been initiated to promote the adoption of electric trucks, setting the stage for a sustainable freight ecosystem.

City Hub & Spoke
En Route / Highway
14 to 40 sites


With 14 charging sites now live, NewVolt has created a reliable network that supports the lowest freight cost delivery for the key logistics routes in Australia.

The NewVolt Network now covers the Hume Highway, and major freight corridors, intermodals and ports in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane ensuring a reliable, low-cost energy supply to the logistics sector.

Our partnerships with governmental bodies and private sectors have catalysed a notable shift towards electric logistics, making zero emission trucking a new norm.

City Hub & Spoke
En Route / Highway
40-60 sites


The ambition is to have a 50% electric fleet on the road, a goal made possible  by the expansion of NewVolt Network to a comprehensive 60 sites.

The network's expansion to the Pacific, Newell, Sturt and Western highways, along side 6-8 hubs in each metropolitan city has been successful, making electric trucking accessible across the eastern and southern seaboard.

Our access to abundant renewable energy and innovative solutions continue to drive down operational costs, demonstrating the economic viability and environmental benefits of electric logistics.

City Hub & Spoke
En Route / Highway