The Team Pioneering Net-Zero Intelligent Logistics.

Uniting industry expertise with sustainable vision to redefine Australia's logistic horizon and decarbonise freight transport at scale.

Energising Australia's
Logistic Networks

In 2019, a group of green energy veterans converged to originate NewVolt, fuelled by the vision of a net-zero logistics landscape in Australia that benefits from our unique abundance of low cost energy.

Through relentless industry collaboration, we're steadily driving towards a future where electric trucks are the cost effective norm, not the exception.

Our team

We are on the look out for collaborative motivated individuals to join our team.
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Anthony Headlam
Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony, a co-founder of NewVolt, is an experienced energy and infrastructure projects expert. He's a qualified projects lawyer in Australia and the UK, with a background in top-tier private practice and in-house advisory roles in the public and private sectors. Anthony has supported both large corporates and startups.

Rainer Knobloch
Co-Founder - Strategy & Operations

Rainer, also a co-founder of NewVolt, leads our strategy and operations. With over 15 years of experience, Rainer specialises in large-scale technology initiatives, partnerships, and transformations across various sectors, including government organisations and multinationals.

Andy Evans
Co-Founder & Chairman

Andy brings 20 years of experience in Australia's energy sector, focusing on renewable energy projects since 2006. He introduced offshore wind to Australia in 2012 and serves as the CEO and founder of Oceanex Energy. Andy was also the former CEO and co-founder of the Star of the South, a proposed 2GW offshore wind farm off the coast of Victoria.

Martin Toomey
Head of Transport & Industry

Martin, a leader at NewVolt, manages transport and industry relationships and is a significant contributor to the Australian industry. His expertise includes market entry strategy, transport industry innovation, engineering, strategic thinking, commercialising vehicle technology, and navigating government regulation and policy advocacy.

Paul Stangroom
Head of Development

Paul is a renewable energy expert, with over 20 years’ experience. He has been involved in a major renewable projects across the country. He has worked with a range of developers and consultancies, on project design, development, grid connection, approvals, contracting and financing.

Henri Gouzerh
Board Director (Green Tower)

Henri is currently Managing Director of Green Tower, and a board member with initiatives in the energy transition sector in Europe and Asia Pacific. Previously a financial advisor, Henri has more than a decade experience in renewable energy globally, including project equity debt structuring, mergers & acquisitions, market intelligence, modelling, and valuation.

James Mackie
Customer Engagement Manager

James leads NewVolt customer engagement, working with our project partners - Truck OEMs, fleet operators and their end customers. His expertise in stakeholder engagement, value creation and B2B relationships comes from an international executive career working for market leading firms in heavy and light automotive sectors.


Partners & Collaborators

We recognise the importance of a collaborative vision to deliver a low cost carbon neutral freight industry in Australia, that delivers value and benefit to all stakeholders, users and parties.

Deliver it when the sun shines

We are motivated by our firm belief that Australia is uniquely positioned to benefit from the transition to zero-emission vehicles. An abundance of cheap renewable energy drives low-cost fuel opportunity, through a less complex network. By planning the evolution of the logistics industry, we can ensure benefit, and national energy security for Australians.

Collaborative Progress

By forging strong partnerships with stakeholders across the industry, we aim to create a ripple effect of sustainable practices across the logistic ecosystem, amplifying positive change exponentially. Our goal is to collaboratively develop a ‘transition pathway’ that can generate value and benefits across the freight industry.

Pioneering change that drives benefit

We believe in leading the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable logistic industry, reducing carbon footprints one electric truck at a time for the benefit of drivers, users, operators, communities and stakeholders alike.

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Are you interested in collaborating as a participant in our very first charging hub in Melbourne’s inner west? We are bringing together operators, OEMs, industry bodies, governments, property owners and interested parties in anticipation of a 2025 operational site.

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